September 12, 2020

R U OK ???
What an important question, one that simply doesn’t get asked enough.

And it’s just as  important to Listen to the answer. Really listen.

We are Geelong Party Supplies.

Our Friends at St John Of God Hospital organised this Wonderful Array of Balloons.

Balloon Aches, Helium Filled Letters & Numbers, Balloon Bouquet’s and more.

They Wanted to Create Awareness to this important issue. We think they’ve done that brilliantly.

If we can help get your message across to your customers, please call

Geelong Party Supplies on 52 416 488

Or pop in to discuss your ideas, together we can make a real Statement.

At Geelong Party Supplies , we promise to do our best to find exactly what you need.

So let’s get the party started ☺️
Geelong Party Supplies.

Supplying Affordable Helium Balloons & Party Goods To Geelong And Surrounding Area’s.

And YES, we deliver.