August 5, 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again, The Month of August is the time most schools celebrate “Book Week”. A chance for your child to re-connect with Books, and enjoy dressing up.

At Geelong Party Supplies we can help make Book Week easy, fun & affordable. We have lots of costumes & accessories, hats & hairsprays, as well as Craft Cardboard & glitter for those of you who prefer to get creative.

So if your child would like to be Dr Seuss’s Thing 1 or Thing 2, we can help, or perhaps Harry Potter, Snow White or Cat in a Hat ?  Pirates & Clowns are always fun, as are Fairies & Ballerina’s.

Drop in and see us 7 days a week, and with free parking at the front door, shopping couldn’t be easier.

And don’t forget,  we at Geelong Party Supplies are your one stop shop for Helium  Balloons, using only the best quality American brands. Shopping at Geelong party supplies means shopping with confidence.