August 16, 2015
Clown Afro Wig Green
Clown Afro Wig Green

Yep, it’s here again. Book week starts this week, but fear not !!

We at Geelong Party Supplies have come to the rescue with a fabulous range of costumes & accessories. We have hats, glasses, capes, Harry Potter gear, face paints, colour hairspray, wigs…. The list goes on !!

Drop into our store in High Street Bemont, next door to Clark Rubber, and check out our range, and while you’re there, have a look at all the new and exciting items that make our store so interesting . You never know what you might find at Geelong Party Supplies.

We have a massive range of Party Goods, Candles, Plastic Storage containers, Gift Wrapping, Costumes, Confectionary, Disposable Tableware,  Pet Toys & more.

And don’t forget, we hire Disco Lighting, Smoke Machines, Bubble Machines, Pie Warmers & more. our prices are Cheap – our quality fantastic. You won’t be disappointed.