July 6, 2014

imageHaving a Party at home ?

Want to make your Living area or garage look amazing ?

We can help. Colourful Lanterns and Pom Poms grouped together look great. Add fairy lights and it looks amazing. Whether your colour scheme is a solid colour, for example white, or whether you are mixing your colour palette with say pink and white, it really adds the Wow factor you’re looking for.

Both Pom poms & Lanterns come in a range of sizes, so by mixing up the sizes the effect is eye catching. group say 8-10 different size pieces together  and hang in a group. By hanging them above a centre piece, for example the Buffet Table or Dance floor ,  your guests will be drawn to that area of the room.

And don’t forget, we also supply streamers, Balloons, glitter scatter, decorative flags, bunting and fans.

We are Geelong Party Supplies, you can find us at 110 High Street Belmont, next to Clark Rubber. Or call us on 52 416 488

Or check out our Website @ geelongpartysupplies.com.au