June 16, 2014

imageYou don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to have a successful, fun party. Start by going back to basics, at Geelong Party supplies we have a range of fun party idea’s that won’t break the budget. Why not start with a Piñata , this is always a crowd pleaser, whether your guests are 3 or 30.  You may not like the idea of your children bashing a Piñata , don’t worry, these days you can purchase ones that work by pulling a piece of ribbon, which allows the contents to trickle out. These are particularly good for younger children,  as there are no winners or looses, everyone gets their fair share. We also have a great range of confectionary and toys to fill your Piñata, at prices you’ll love. Also, Pin the tail on the Donkey now comes in different variations and themes, for example, *Get the soccer ball in the goal, or *Pin the tiara on the Princess . For a few dollars, these provide a lot of fun & laughter. Everyone loves Balloons, and we have a fantastic range. Blow them up and get the children to try and sit on them to break them, this is not as easy as it sounds ! They will love this game, and for just a little small change,  it’s great entertainment. We also have an amazing range of lolly bags and Party favours, and don’t forget our Helium filled Balloons, always a favourite . Or are you thinking of having a Lolly Buffet ? Wait until you see our range or Lolly Jars ! And don’t forget, we Hire Party Lighting  to really get the party started. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Geelong or Melbourne, or whether we see you in store or on our website, we guarantee fantastic service and value for money, and because we have a massive shop and are open 7 days a week, you can always get in touch with us on 52 416 488 We are at 110-112 High Street Belmont, next to Clark Rubber.